Clenbutrol and Pregnant Women

It is actually idiotic to even contemplate weight loss for vanity’s sake while pregnant. That, pretty much, is the last thing on your mind when you are faced with bringing into this world a child.  Even if you don’t decide to keep the child for yourself, you owe its health to him and whoever ends up raising him, at the very least.

Female weight loss begins with determining why women are overweight in the first place. Women are less likely than men to exercise and they don’t eat enough vegetables. Overweight women are also likely to be impulsive eaters and are more prone to stress eating.

Clen and pregnancy
Encourage pregnant woman to lose weight naturally

Since a woman’s body bears the brunt of making sure that the child is healthy while growing in her womb, dieting (for weight loss) is NOT advocated at all.  Most women are put on a diet that will encourage the healthy development of the fetus. Additional calories are added to her meal plans so that there will be enough to nourish both mother and child.

Clenbutrol, the new dietary supplement that claims that it has almost no side effects and that it is 100% safe to use by normal dieters still is unclear about its use by pregnant women. [1]

But CrazyBulks, the manufacturer and distributor of Clenbutrol puts its foot down on the use of its product by pregnant women or those who are intending to become pregnant in the next six months.[2]

If you are intending to get pregnant soon and would like to prepare your body for the obvious weight gain during pregnancy.

You would be less compromising the child’s health (and yours) by just taking the effort to lose weight naturally – by dieting and exercising more – so that when you become pregnant, you don’t risk any side effects or run a greater danger of drug-caused problems.[3]

In addition to that, the added exercise will give you more strength and energy during the months that you will be carrying a lot of extra weight around.

Despite their disclaimers, the sources should take it upon themselves as their responsibility towards human life to do all that is necessary to inform and educate about their new product on the market. Inasmuch as it generates great financial benefits for them, they should also take into consideration the health and welfare of their clients.

Female Weight Loss-It’s All About Control

Female weight loss begins with determining why women are overweight in the first place. Women are less likely than men to exercise and they don’t eat enough vegetables. Overweight women are also likely to be impulsive eaters and are more prone to stress eating.

How much you weigh depends on several factors.

First of all, any female weight loss advice should begin with an analysis of how much and what kind of foods you eat. Most women who are not trying to lose weight should get around 1600 calories a day. But not all calories are created equal.

100 calories worth of green beans with almond slivers are a whole different ball game from 100 calories worth of hershey’s chocolate with almonds. In addition to the calories, you need to look at the nutrients, the fiber, and the grams of fat.

But, most women get more calories than they need to maintain their weight. Part of this is due to poor impulse control. There’s just too many calories available to us.

But another part has to do with women underestimating just how many calories in the food they eat. Serving sizes have exploded but people still count the calories as if they were the traditional smaller servings. Female weight loss requires that women accurately count every calorie.

If your lifestyle includes a lot of activity, you are less likely to be worried about female weight loss. However, if you live a highly sedentary life, you probably are packing on the pounds. Look for ways to move more. This doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym either. Playing with the kids, mopping the floor, and gardening are all excellent kinds of movement.

Breastfeeding is effective weight loss method

What you consume and how many calories you burn off are directly under your control. But other factors that are outside of your control impact female weight loss as well. For instance, your genetic make up has a lot to do with whether you get fat. Fast metabolism tends to run in families and it is typical to see entire families of fat or skinny people.

Your age also has an impact on your weight as you tend to burn calories more slowly as you age. This “middle age spread” must be aggressively combated if you want to keep your weight under control. And, it is important that you do so for the sake of your health. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are all linked with weight issues.


Not much warning is needed for women about Clenbutrol and pregnancy.  The supplement will be of better use AFTER giving birth rather than before and during pregnancy.

Finally, the state of your health can play a role in female weight loss. Some medications are known for causing weight gain. And, some physical conditions limit mobility which means that you don’t burn as many calories.

The key to female weight loss is setting achievable goals and sticking to the plan. Accept that there are things you can control – and control them. Also accept that there are things beyond your control and you will have to compensate in the other areas.